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Corflute Signs

Available in 3mm and 5mm thickness.

Corflute signs are made from light weight polypropylene corrugated sheets. They are used for both indoor and outdoor advertising. The outdoor life of the Corflute sign varies from 1 to 2 years depending on how they are treated.


Corflute signs are one of the most cost effective and cheapest way of short term advertising. Corflute signs are used for product promotions, shopping center signs, in store shop offers, short term road-side sign, temporary signs, way-finding signs, election signs, real estate signs, building signs, construction signs, events, fence signs etc.


We can make Corflute signs of any size with the most popular sizes being 600mmX900mm, 1200mmX900mm, 1830mmX1220mm and 2440mmX1220mm. Sizes over 1220mmX2440mm will have to be in multiple pieces.


We offer installation services, and our specialist installers can visit the site and give you a free quote.


We can also distribute the Corflute signs to multiple locations if you are looking for a product promotion for multiple stores in Australia. Give us a call or email us, our friendly staff can provide you more information.


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